Monday, February 24, 2014

Scrolling Street View Directions

When I first developed my Street View scrolling library I had a plan to one day develop it to work with Google Maps driving directions. The idea was to create an application that enabled you to request driving directions and then preview the suggested route in Street View.

Jefferson Lam has beaten me to the draw with the release of Daytripper. Daytripper allows you to request directions and then preview the route in Street View simply by scrolling up and down the page. It is a very handy application to preview an unfamiliar route before leaving home.

If scrolling is too much effort you could always use Hyperlapse instead. Street View Hyperlapse  uses Hyperlapse.js, Three.js, GSVPano.js, and the Google Maps API to create really smooth animated Street View movies.

Users of Street View Hyperlapse can search for any location with Google Street View coverage. All you then need to do is drop two map markers for the start and end of your drive and then press 'create'. Once you have created your route you can watch an animated drive-through within Google Maps Street View.

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