Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Most Popular Bands by Location

By far the most shared map of the last week has been Music Machinery's Distinctive Artists by State. This static image map shows the most popular artist in each US state based on data from a variety of music streaming services. You can read more about the data behind the map on Music Machinery.

The map reveals some interesting geographical differences in musical taste. Music Machinery has also developed an application that allows you to explore these regional differences in music in the USA in more detail. With the app you can select two regions and it will show you which artists are distinctive for each region.

The one thing missing from the map is that there is no way to listen to the favorite artists in each state. This got me thinking that you could create an interactive version of the map with links to the artists on Spotify.

I didn't want to steal Music Machinery's idea completely so I decided instead to map the 2013 top artists on Spotify by country. The Spotify Top Tracks by Country 2013 map shows the name of the artist that had the most listened to track in 35 countries around the world.

The data for the map comes from Spotify Year in Review 2013. If you click on the marker associated with each country you can listen to the track on Spotify.

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