Friday, February 14, 2014

The World's Favorite Winter Sports

The Washington Post is conducting an interesting survey into their readers' favorite winter sports.

What is Your Favorite Winter Sport? simply asks you to name your favorite sport, share your location and add why you like the chosen sport. At the moment ice hockey is leading the way with the figure skaters in hot pursuit.

A map allows you to view the results of the survey by location. You can select individual sports and visualize around the world where those sports have been chosen as readers' favorites.

The map is an interesting method to view the results of the survey. The map would work even better with a bounding box option that allowed you to view the results for the current map view. For example if you zoomed in on Europe it would be nice if the results for each sport updated to show the total votes cast for each sport by European respondents to the survey.

Updating the results shown by map view would help highlight any interesting differences in favorite winter sports by location.

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