Thursday, February 27, 2014

International Polar Bear Day on Street View

Last year Google partnered with Polar Bears International to capture Street View imagery in the tundra of Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. The area is home to one of the largest polar bear populations on the planet.

To celebrate International Polar Bear Day the imagery has now been added to Google Maps. As you might imagine the new Street View features a lot of snow and those darn white bears are hard to spot. So far we have found only one shot of an actual polar bear. Maybe you can do better.

If you are interested in polar bears then you should check out the Bear Tracker. The Bear Tracker from Polar Bear International is tracking the movements of polar bears in Hudson Bay.

The Bear Tacker Google Map shows current and past sea ice levels on Hudson Bay, and also the rough locations of polar bears. Users can click on the individual polar bear markers to view the bear's track and also use a time slider control to see the locations of the bears over time.

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