Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Google Maps Democracy

#floodplain is an interesting experiment in providing a peer consultation platform for town planning proposals. The platform uses Google Maps to map planning proposals and allows users to contribute to the debate by voting and commenting on the proposals.

For example, in London there is an eternal debate about the best way to increase airline capacity. Suggested solutions range from extending London's current airports to proposals for building a new airport. #floodplain has used Google Maps to map the current proposals and to show the locations of nearby protected areas and areas of natural beauty.

Users of the map are able to vote and comment on their preferred planning proposal.

CASA's SurveyMapper is another interesting geographic survey and polling tool that can be used to poll the public on a range of issues and present the results on a Google Map.

Using SurveyMapper it is a simple process to create a survey and to then view the results of the survey based on the respondents' locations on a Google Map.

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