Wednesday, May 07, 2014

5 Ways to Destroy Your House in Street View

1. Urban Jungle

Check out your house on Urban Jungle and you can see what happens when you forget to weed your garden. Urban Jungle allows you to catch a glimpse of what your post-apocalyptic house will look like, after civilization has collapsed and nature has reasserted its dominance over man.

Drop Pegman on the Urban Jungle Google Map and you will open Street View - only this is Street View with a difference. Urban Jungle's Street View includes creeping vines and grass superimposed on Google's panoramic imagery. Creepy!

2. World Under Water

Do you want to see what your house will look like once global warming causes the inevitable rise in sea levels? Just type in your address into World Under Water and you can catch a glimpse of your house sinking under the waves.

World Under Water is a very powerful campaign from Carbon Story which uses Google's panoramic imagery to provide a warning about rising sea levels. Once you have typed in your address into the application you can watch as the sea laps against the Street View image of your front door. Yikes!

3. Perfect Storms

To promote the last season of Perfect Storms the History Channel created this interactive that allows you to virtually destroy your house in a fire storm.

The app uses a combination of Google Maps and Street View to show the likely effects of a perfect storm on your own home and neighborhood.

4. Cheetos - Project TP

If watching your house burn on Street View is too disturbing for you why not instead use Cheetos - Project TP to toilet paper your house on Google Maps Street View.

Enter the address of your house into the application and you can then fly over your street in the Cheetos helicopter and bombard your house with toilet paper. After you have released your toilet paper bombs you then get to view the results of your toilet paper bombing on Street View. You even get a link to share the results of your prank with your friends.

5. Chaos in Your Town

Robots from the year 2029 have been sent back in time to destroy you and your home!

Yes - the robots are here to get YOU!

Chaos in Your Town lets you create a blockbuster robot film featuring your very own street and house. Using Google Maps Street View as the background to the scenes Chaos in Your Town creates an incredible Flash based movie that shows robots walking down your street, targeting your house and blowing it to kingdom come.

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