Thursday, May 01, 2014

Ocean Currents, Wind & Whale Tracking

The Smartmine Whale Tracker is an animated map of whale tracks off the coast of Hawaii. The map animates the recorded tracks of a number of Sperm, Beaked and Killer whales and also allows you to view animated ocean currents and wind on the same map.

The option to view the animated ocean currents and the animated whale tracks on the same map is pretty amazing. The map includes a number of base maps, a satellite view, a nautical map and a bathymetry map. It also includes the option to filter the map by whale species and by individual whale.

The WWF Species Tracker is a Google Map dedicated to tracking the movements of a number of animals around the world. The map includes the tracks of a number of polar bears, marine turtles, yellowfin tuna, bowhead whales, jaguars and a narwahl whale.

You can select each individual animal on the map and not only view the animal's movements but read a journal of the animal's movement and behavior over the last few months. Each track includes time stamps along its path, allowing you to see when it passed through each location, and a number of 'information' markers providing analysis of the animal's progress.

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