Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mapping London's Inventions

I wonder how many Londoners have had a coffee in Bar Italia without realizing that they were sitting in the very spot where John Logie Baird invented television?

From Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, to John Logie Baird's television it is fair to say that London has seen it's fair share of inventions. London's Greatest Scientific Experiments is a StoryMaps tour of some of London's 'most radical' experiments.

The map provides an interesting tour through some of the scientific discoveries which have been made in the capital. The map itself however is never really going to serve as a mapped guide to anyone wanting to visit the locations highlighted on the map. The styled map does not include road labels so it would be hard to actually use it as a guide to tour the locations in person.

By using Knight Lab's StoryMap library however the application is able to provide a sequenced tour through the mapped experiments. You can use the forward and back arrows to navigate through the experiments or you can click on the markers on the map to navigate the experiments by location.

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