Thursday, May 29, 2014

Car Crashes in New York

Collisions Aggregated by Time of Day is an animated map of New York car accidents. The map animates through a 24 hour period revealing the time of day when most car collisions occur in different parts of the city.

Like a lot of Torque library maps Collisions Aggregated by Time of Day is a powerful visualization of a large dataset. However the map doesn't hold any great surprises. As you would expect the map reveals that less traffic accidents occur during the early hours of the morning. However at around 8 am and the start of the morning commute the number of accidents rises dramatically.

To explore New York's traffic crash data in more detail you can use NYC Crashmapper. This map visualizes New York intersection collision data between August 2011 and February 2014.

Using the filter buttons on the right of the map you can view heat maps of collisions involving pedestrian, cyclist or car driver injuries. You can also use the slide control at the bottom of the map to filter the results shown by date.

If you click on an intersection on the map you can view a detailed breakdown of the type of collisions that occurred there.

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