Thursday, May 01, 2014

Where People Run

Popular sports tracking app WalkJogRun has been working on an exciting new layer which shows you where people like to walk, run or jog around the world.

Now when you visit the WalkJogRun Google Map or open up the WalkJogRun iOS app, not only can you view your own created routes you can also view an overlay visualizing popular routes, as submitted by all WalkJogRun users. The overlay is a great way to find out all the routes which are popular with other joggers. Using the popular routes overlay it is possible to discover the most popular, picturesque and probably the safest jogging routes in your neck of the woods.

To create the new popular routes overlay WalkJogRun worked with Nautilytics. Nautilytics took WalkJgRun's GPS data and turned it into a map tile server. These are the tiles which you can now see integrated on WalkJogRun's Google Maps driven website and as a new map type on the iOS app.

Nautilytics has released a great blog post describing the technical ins and outs of how they built the map tile server and have also released the code as a Github project. The Github includes all the code you need to create and launch your own scalable map tile server.

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