Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Obama for America on the Map

In two recent posts, The map is not the territory, it's a painting and The map is not the territory, it's a photo I linked to a number of examples of interactive images created with different mapping platforms.

In both posts I neglected to mention the CASA Image Cutter, which was one of the first applications created to help you make map tiles from still images and digital photos. To remedy that involuntary omission here's a nice example of a Google Map created with the help of CASA'a Image Cutter tool.

Obama for America with AWS is an infographic created to highlight why the 2012 Obama election team chose Amazon Web Services to help support their campaign. Amazon Web Services have used the CASA Image Cutter to turn this static image into a fully interactive image map, which allows you to pan around the image and zoom in on details using Google Maps' familiar navigation tools.

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