Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finding Family Friendly Places to Visit

Knok is a service designed to help families meet other trusted families around the world and arrange to stay in their homes. It is an Airbnb type service specifically aimed at families.

Knok has now released a really useful Google Map to provide a unique travel guide to family-friendly places across the globe. The map allows users to search for restaurants, play sites, shops and other locations which are family-friendly.

You can search for family-friendly venues by location and you can filter the results shown on the map by venue type, and by the age of your children. Registered Knok users can also add family-friendly locations to the map.

Knok should prove an invaluable service for families looking to find child friendly places to visit. The only problem with the map at the moment is that for me it only works properly in Chrome. In Windows the markers fail to load on the map and in Firefox for some reason the markers are completely non-responsive. Click on a marker on the map and nothing happens. The map does appear to work perfectly in Chrome

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