Friday, May 16, 2014

Live Satellite Video Mapping

Recently Mapbox released an amazing video demonstration of video imagery from Skybox's SkySat1 embedded on top of an interactive map. Planes Landing in Beijing demonstrates a user panning, rotating and zooming the video within the map.

Of course I wanted to try and see if this was possible using the Google Maps API. Here is my first crude (and rubbish) attempt to try mapping Skybox's stunning video of the Burj Khalifa, as captured by SkySat1, embedded on top of a Google Map. Satview simply places a div element containing the video over the map. So if you pan the map the video won't move with the map. Frankly my attempts to align the video view with the map is rubbish as well .

It should be possible to add the video to a canvas element on the map so that the video does move when you pan the map (I might try that one day). To be honest the only really good thing about my map is the Skybox video. Go check out the other video (of Las Vegas) and the other imagery captured by Skybox on the SkySat1 Gallery.

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