Monday, May 12, 2014

The Global Eurovision Twitter Map

This Twitter map proves that I was the only person in the UK who didn't watch the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night. This CartoDB powered animated map shows all the Tweets made between 6 pm and midnight around the world that mentioned 'Eurovision' and related words.

#Eurovision2014: how it played out on Twitter shows that a disproportionate amount of Eurovision Tweets were made in the UK. I'm not sure whether this proves that Eurovision is more popular in the UK than in the rest of Europe or that more people in the UK have Twitter accounts.

For some odd reason Eurovision also seemed to occupy the minds of a number of Americans on Saturday night. Judging by my Twitter timeline this might have been caused by European immigrants to the U.S. who were bemoaning the fact that they were unable to watch this annual celebration of Europop misery.

If you didn't catch this year's Eurovision Song Contest you can find out what you missed on this Eurovision Map, brought to you by Pinq Map, the real gay map of the world. The map includes links to watch each country's song on YouTube.

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