Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mapping a Better Life

The OECD's Better Life Index is an attempt to measure the importance people around the world give to different factors essential for their well being. It is a survey designed to measure the importance people in different countries give to 11 topics about their quality of life and material living conditions. The OECD has released a map which visualizes the results of the survey by country.

Each country's marker is colored to reflect the highest rated topic by respondents to the survey in that country. The markers are also sized to show the number of responses from each country. You can mouse-over the markers to view the highest rated topic for each country. If you click on a marker you can view more details about the selected country's results, including the number of responses by gender and age and the ratings given to each topic.

The map includes a useful 'stories' feature which, when selected, zooms in on interesting results from the survey shown on the map.

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