Monday, May 05, 2014

The Melway & Brisway on Google Maps

You can now browse Australia's iconic street directories the Melway and the Brisway on a Google Map.

The first edition of the Melway street directory of Melbourne was released in May 1966. It is currently in its 41st edition. This iconic street map of Melbourne can now be viewed using Google Map's familiar mapping platform.

Melway Online uses the Google Maps API to present the Melway and Brisway street directories via the well known Google Maps interface. Melway Online retains the street directory's frame and grid information, it is therefore possible to use the same frame and grid numbers on both the new interactive map and the original paper editions of the map.

The new Melway Online map includes the Google map search function, which means you can search for locations, businesses and places of interest on the Melway map.

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