Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mapping Factory Farms in Michigan

The Center for Food Safety has created an interactive map with some powerful visualization and search options which allow you to explore the impact of Confined Animal Feeding Operations in Michigan. The map is designed to help highlight how large animal factories can affect the local environment and local communities.

The Factory Farms map shows the location and the sizes of animal factories in Michigan. You can click on each of the mapped farms for an overview of the number of animals farmed and the amount of manure produced. You can also find out which waterways, schools and hospitals are situated within a 5 mile radius of each farm.

The map includes a number of useful visualization tools. You can filter the information on the map to show the location of schools, hospitals and watersheds as well as the location of the factory farms. You can also resize the circular farm map markers to proportionally represent the number of animals or the amount of subsidies each farm receives.

Via: Visual Loop

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