Monday, May 19, 2014

The 2014 Twitter FA Cup Final

Hello and welcome to Wembley for the 2014 FA Cup Final on Twitter. The two teams have yet to emerge from the tunnel and already things are not looking good for the underdogs.

The global fan base of the mighty Arsenal have already turned the world red with their Twitter activity. As yet there isn't much noise from the tigers of Hull City, however we are still an hour from kick off.

It is now 5 pm and the game begins. The pitch is bathed in glorious May sunshine and the world erupts with excitement. Just look at that sea of red on the map, things aren't looking good for the players of Hull City.

However Hull have make a great start to the match and just four minutes into the game Hull grab the opening goal. For the first time the Twitter map shows more blue than red.

Arsenal, the huge pre-match favourites, are now behind. Surely things can't get any worse for the Gunners. It looks like I spoke too soon. It is now just four minutes later and Hull score another goal. We are only eight minutes into this game and it looks like Arsenal's final is already over.

Hold on though. Arsenal have now settled into this game. They have begun to dominate possession. A freekick is given and it looks like Cazorla is going to shoot. He does. He scores! Arsenal have a goal back and their fans erupt around the world. The Gunners are still very much in this game.

We are now into the second half. The referee awards a controversial corner to the Gunners. The ball is headed down to Koscielny who turns and scores from 5 yards. The world once again turns crimson. It looks like we are heading for extra-time.

We are into extra-time now and both teams look tired. However there really is only one team in it as the Arsenal team launch attack after attack. Hull City are just trying to defend in numbers and are praying that they can just hold on for the penalty shoot-out.

With just 11 minutes to go however Arsenal's player of the searson Aaron Ramsey grabs Arsenal's third goal.

It's all over. Hull City really surprised everyone here with their great start to the game. Unfortunately for the underdogs they couldn't keep Arsenal quiet and the boys in red eventually emerged as worthy winners.

It's all over here at Wembley. Join us again next year for the 2015 FA Cup Final on Twitter.

Twitter FA Cup Final 2014: Arsenal vs Hull City

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