Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to Put Your Name on the Map

The Name Navigator is an awesome mapped portal which allows you to discover where and when your name has been most popular.

Enter your first name into the Name Navigator and you can view an animated heat map, which shows the popularity of your name in each state over the last 100 years. You can even select any year and click on the map to find out how popular your name was in that year in the selected state.

Alongside the map a frequency graph is displayed showing the rise and fall of your name's popularity over time. You don't even need to restrict yourself to one name. You can also add your friends' names and view a side by side comparison of your names' popularity over the last 100 years.

After you have mapped the popularity of your first name you will no doubt want to see how popular your family name is around the world. To do this you need to visit Public Profiler's World Family Names.

If you enter your surname into World Family Names you are presented with a heat map of the world showing where there are high concentrations of people with your family name. Beneath the map the top countries, regions and cities where your name occur are displayed in list form.

Once you have discovered where your first name and surname are popular you will then want to find out all the locations around the world which have been named after you. Where the Streets Have Your Name is a great application that you can use to create a Google Map showing all the places around the world which share your name. That's right they were named after you!

Just enter your name into the search area and you will be shown a Google Map with all the streets, towns and other locations around the world that share your name.

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