Friday, May 23, 2014

Mapping the Workplace Population

The UK's Office for National Statistics has released a new mapped visualization of the workplace population in the UK.

The ONS Workplace Population map uses data from the 2011 UK census. The map allows you to explore heat maps of the age, employment status, qualifications, and hours worked at census ward level. The workplace population includes all 16-74 year olds in employment by location of their workplace.

Each of the heat maps uses a tonal colour range which makes the maps a little hard to read. This wouldn't be so bad if you could click on the census ward areas on the map to open an information window containing the data for that ward. However clicking on a census ward only seems to highlight it on the map. I would really like to be able to click on individual census wards to view a breakdown of the workplace population statistics for each category of the selected workplace population category.

You can explore more maps and graphs of UK census data, employment data, economic and population data on the ONS Interactive Content site.

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