Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Exploring YouTube by Location

The YouTube Explorer is a way of finding and watching YouTube videos based on the location of where the videos were uploaded from. Why you would want to do that is another matter.

Every now and again someone uses the location data from the YouTube API to show videos on a map. The problem is that the location of YouTube videos never seems to have much bearing on the content of the video. The YouTube Explorer is therefore little more than a way of exploring random YouTube videos.

Click on the map and you will be shown a video uploaded from that location. Unfortunately the YouTube player always seems to show a screenshot from the previous video so you actually have to click on the video to discover it isn't something that you actually want to watch.

If you want to watch YouTube videos about different locations around the world you might do better to have a look at my old Video Map. This map is over five years old now but surprisingly a lot of the videos still seem to work.

The advantage of my old map is that the videos are hand-picked, so the content actually matches the location on the map. Therefore if you want to watch a video of Devil's Tower, Wyoming you can actually use the map to find a video shot at that location.

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