Saturday, June 13, 2015

Picturing the Sunset

One of the most popular tags on Instagram is 'sunset'. Thanks to Michelle Chandra you can now view all the sunset and sunrise photos posted to Instagram in the past 24 hours on a map of the world.

In All Our Yesterday's Michelle has created two maps; one for sunrise photos and one for pictures of the sunset. Click on any of the markers on either of the maps and you can view a thumbnail of the submitted photo. The maps also include a search option which allows you to search for sunrise or sunset photos at your favorite locations.

All Our Yesterday's also includes an animated map of the last 24 hours, as played out through Instagram photos tagged #sunset and #sunrise.

As the map animation plays you can track the movement of the sun across the world in real-time, as users post sunrise and sunset photos to Instagram. The larger the dot on the map the closer the user is to the actual sunset or sunrise time when they uploaded their photo

We can also track the movement of the sun around the world via Twitter activity. The Sunrise Around the World map shows a flashing yellow line of Tweets following the start of the day around the world, as people react with joy to the sudden appearance of the morning sun.

As well as the flashing sunrise Tweets the map shows the actual position of the sunrise and sunset, which allows you to observe how close people actually were to the sunset time when they posted their Tweet.

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