Friday, June 05, 2015

Mapping LA's 44,000 Homeless

The Los Angeles Times has mapped the city's homeless population based on the 2015 Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority homeless count. Where are L.A. County’s Homeless? visualizes the number of homeless individuals, tents/makeshift shelters and vehicles in each census tract.

The points on the map are randomized within each census tract. If you select a census tract on the map you can view the number of homeless individuals, shelters and vehicles counted in the survey within that tract.

The highest numbers of homeless were recorded in the five downtown census tracts. Venice, Santa Monica and Hollywood also had high number of homeless individuals. However one thing that the map shows is that homelessness in Los Angles is a city wide problem.

You can read more about the Homeless Services Authority's homeless count in this LA Times report on the survey.

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