Thursday, June 18, 2015

London Transport Travel Times

Transport for London has released a handy Google Map that visualizes how long it will take you to travel anywhere in the capital on public transit from any location in London. The map also allows you to check any location's distance from frequent public transport services.

Enter an address into WebCAT and you can view an isochrone map showing how long it will take to travel anywhere in London on public transport. The shortest journey times are shown in red - scaling through to green for the longest journeys.

If you switch the map to 'Access Level' you can view how different locations rate in terms of their access to public transport links. The colored squares on the map show each location's rating by distance from frequent public transport services (red showing a location is a short distance from public transport through to green being the furthest away). The map also shows the locations of the nearest Tube & DLR stations and the locations of bus-stops.

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