Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mapping Madison's Trees

There are a lot of Norway Maples in Madison. The Trees of Madison is a great mapped visualization of Madison's trees. The map allows you to view the locations of different species of trees within the city.

An integrated bar chart allows you to view the number of each species of tree and to filter the map to only show specific species of trees. The bar chart reveals that the Norway Maple, the Green Ash and the Honeylocust are the three most common species in the city.

Select a tree species on the bar chart and the map will automatically update to only show the locations of the selected species. If you then select the 'Stats' tab on the map you can view details on the total number of trees (of the selected tree species) in the city, the average diameter and the highest & lowest diameter.

You can also select any tree marker on the map to view the individual tree's species and diameter.

There are half a million trees in the naked city. This map has all of them.

NYC Street Trees by Species is an interactive map of all New York's trees. The most populous trees in the Big Apple are London Planetrees, closely followed by the Norway Maple. The map allows you to visualize the distribution of each species of tree separately or view all species at once. The dot size of each tree on the map is roughly proportional to its trunk diameter.

The City of Melbourne has mapped the health of 70,000 of the city's trees using the CartoDB platform. The map uses data from a recent audit of the lifetime expectancy of each tree in the city to visualize where trees are most at risk in Melbourne.

The Urban Forest Visual uses different colored markers to indicate the life expectancy of every tree. The shapes of the markers show the species of tree mapped. It is possible to filter the map to show all trees with less than 10 years life expectancy. It is also possible to filter the map to show trees which have been planted in the last ten years and to show park or street trees.

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