Monday, June 22, 2015

This Map Gives You Pluto Vision

Share your location with NASA and in return they will bestow upon you the gift of Pluto Vision.

On July 14th New Horizons will become the first spacecraft to have a close encounter with Pluto. To mark the occasion NASA wants to create a mosaic picture of Pluto and its moon composed of images submitted by the general public.

NASA will create the mosaic picture of Pluto from pictures of Earth taken during what they call Pluto Time. Pluto orbits the sun at the fringes of the solar system. Therefore sunlight on Pluto is much weaker than it is on Earth. However we do experience similar light conditions here on Earth twice a day near dawn and dusk each day.

Share your location with the Pluto Time map and NASA will tell you the exact time when the next 'Pluto Time' occurs where you are. NASA would like you to take a photograph at your Pluto Time and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Flickr or YouTube with the tag #PlutoTime.

It will then create the mosaic picture of Pluto and the moon from photos taken on Earth under similar light conditions as can be found on the surface of Pluto.

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