Monday, June 15, 2015

Mapping 3G Coverage in Pakistan

The Pakistan 3G Coverage Map shows you which cities in Pakistan have 3G coverage. The map provides a useful guide to which mobile phone operators offer 3G coverage in different Pakistani cities.

The map allows you to select different individual mobile phone operators to see where they have 3G coverage. You can also select an individual province in the map sidebar to zoom-in on an area on the map and discover which operators have 3G coverage in the region.

The Pakistan 3G Coverage Map only provides a guide as to which operators are available in which cities. To find out the signal strength available within cities you should check out OpenSignal.

Using OpenSignal you can zoom in on an area and view a heat-map of signal strength for each of the main operators in the area. Once you have zoomed in on the location select 3G & 4G in the map sidebar. The map sidebar also allows you to select individual operators to view a heat-map of their signal strength at the searched for location.

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