Friday, June 26, 2015

Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow

Could there be a better way to celebrate Pride than to paint the whole world with a rainbow? Of course there could. The Supreme Court could legalize gay marriage in every state.

This weekend people across the globe will also be celebrating Gay Pride. The Pride rainbow colored flag will probably feature quite prominently in many of these Gay Pride events. In honor of these two events cartographers have also started painting the world with a rainbow.

Mapbox has started the party today with this Love Wins rainbow colored map. On this map the colors of the rainbow continuously scroll across the world. The map therefore not only celebrates the Supreme Court ruling but also acts as a neat little demonstration of how MapBox GL's vector map tiles can be updated in the browser on the fly.

If Mapbox's ever moving rainbow colors give you a headache then you can switch over to Amy Lee Walton's Love Wins map, which is a more serene rainbow styled map. Alternatively you could try Blake Thompson's Rainbow Roads map, which, as the name suggests, has rainbow colored roads.

If you don't like any of those rainbow maps then you might prefer my own Rainbow Map. This one has quite nice rainbow colored buildings.

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