Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Mapping Everyday Moments on Twitter

#EverydayMoments is a map which shows the location and frequency of Tweets about 'everyday moments' in the UK. All the posted Tweets shown on the map were from March 2014.

Like most animated Twitter maps I can't help wondering why this data has been put on a map. If there is anything useful in this data it might be in the number of Tweets posted about a subject at different times and on different days. So a frequency chart might have been a better visualization option than a map.

Having said that the map does show a lot of data. There are 16 subjects in all, each of which has a number of sub-categories to choose from. For example, if you select 'TV' there are 20 different UK television shows to choose from.

You can also select any combination of TV programmes, therefore it is possible to compare the number and locations of Tweets sent about two or more shows. For example, if you select 'Eastenders' and 'Coronation Street' you can see the number of Tweets about each soap opera posted on Twitter over the course of a week.

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