Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More Indian Cities Get Google Transit

Google Maps has added transit information to a number of Indian cities.

In Kolkata Google Transit can now plan trips on the Kolkata Metro. In Hyderabad you can plan your journey on the Hyderabad Multi Modal Transit System. Delhi has transit information for Delhi Metro Rail and in Chennai you can plan your journey on the Chennai MRTS.

India Rail Info

If you want information about India's huge rail network (which transports an amazing 8 million passengers every day) you should consult India Rail Info. The site's database seems to contain every station and train route in India.

The site shows timetables for each route and train on the network. When you click on an individual train in the timetable a link to a Google Map appears. The map shows the route of the train alongside the train's planned stops. It is even possible to get information about the train's current status.

Via: Information Madness

Indian Trains

Indian Trains shows the approximate location of trains which are currently running on the Indian railway system. It is possible to show the location of any train by simply entering the train's number and pressing 'go'.

If you want to test the map you can find train numbers at The location of the train is shown on the map via a red marker. Clicking on the marker reveals the time when the marker was plotted. The location is automatically refreshed every 2 minutes.

Bangalore Live Bus Tracking

This site is tracking buses of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation live on a Google Map. The buses all carry GPS units so the map is able to update locations once a minute.

It is possible to track all BMTC buses at once or select an individual bus to track. If you click on a bus map marker you can get the route information and speed of the bus. There is also a mobile phone version of this map, so it is possible to work how long you will have to wait for a bus when you are out and about in Bangalore.
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