Friday, July 24, 2009

Booking Tickets on Google Maps


TicketStumbler is a secondary ticket market search engine and comparison website that helps you find the best ticket price for your favourite events. The site uses the Google Maps API and the Google Local Search API to show a map of the venue and nearby places to eat and drink.

The use of Google Local Search with Google Maps on this site is pretty neat. Links to Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars, Gas Stations and Parking are listed next to the map. So, for the most likely searches around venues, users don't even have to bother typing their request into a search box. They just have to click on a link and the results are shown directly on the Google Map.


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Jenny said...

It's great that when you are booking your tickets you can see your venue location as well. This will help you to reach your venue at the exact time for you shows. You also can plan some other events like lunch, dinner etc while looking bars, restaurant etc nearby your venue. Click it for ticket is also a good ticket search engine in UK.