Saturday, July 25, 2009

Twitter & Google Maps Mashups


Geofollow is a tool for finding Twitter users in a particular location. It is possible to search the directory of Twitter users by city, state, country, tag, name or by Twitter username.

If you search for users in a particular location geofollow uses Google Maps to show the location of Twitterers in that area. The same Twitter users are all also listed above the map and each user has their own big yellow 'follow' button.


GeoChirp helps you search tweets for keywords in a particular location. To set the location you just click on the Google Map and adjust the radius of the search area with the slider bar below the map. To search for a keyword within that area just enter the term into the search box.

The results are displayed below the map. Next to your results GeoChirp displays the top Twitter users in that area.

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Hussein Nasser said...

Really great Apps you found there,
Where do you find them!

You should create your own Crawler "Kirk the Crawler"