Monday, July 27, 2009

Health Care Reform Week on Google Maps is using Google Maps extensively this week to drum up support for Health Care Reform. The site has a Google Map showing Week of Action events across the USA and also a Google Map showing Tweets people have sent to their senator in support of the reforms.

Tweet Your Senator

Tweet Your Senator allows Twitter users to Tweet their senator a message in support of the Health Care Reform. Users simply enter their zip code and then their Twitter status box is auto-completed with a message for their senator.

The page uses a Google Map which animates in real-time through the latest messages sent to senators across the USA in support of the reform.

Find an Event

All this week events are taking place across the USA in support of President Obama's Health Care Reform. This Google Maps mashup can tell you the events closest to you.

To find events near you just enter your zip code and the events are returned on a Google Map. The events are also listed under the map , where they can be sorted by date or by distance.

What ever you think of Barack Obama's politics he certainly knows how to use technology to organise grass roots support for his campaigns.


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