Monday, July 27, 2009

Czech Property on Google Maps

Cenove Mapy

Czech real estate company,, have produced this Google Maps mashup to show current real estate prices in the Czech Republic. The site uses a heat map to show the relative prices of properties at 1m².

The map can be used to find the most desirable (or at least the most costly) locations to live or help you find the cheapest areas to buy. As you might imagine property prices are highest in the centre of Prague but the map also shows which suburbs have the most expensive and cheapest properties.

Ukazky Staveb

Ukazky Staveb are builders of timber homes in the Czech Republic. The company have produced this Google Map mashup to showcase the properties that they have built.

The properties on the map are divided into three categories, classic, modern and reconstruction. It is possible to select which category of property you wish to view via the tick boxed under the map.


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