Monday, July 20, 2009

Updated Met Office Google Maps Mashup

Met Office Invent - UK Weather Map
Back in May the UK Met Office released an experimental Google Maps mashup of UK weather. The map shows rainfall, cloud cover and air pressure over the UK for the next 48 hours. Here's a video showing an animation of forecasted rainfall:

The map has now been improved with some added layers. The new layers include two temperature options, one showing a heat map (actually showing heat) of the UK and the other showing the temperature in centigrade at various locations around the UK.

The 'weather' layer shows the usual weather map view, with icons for sun, rain, cloud etc. The 'wind' layer shows wind speed and directions and the 'warnings' layer shows the Met Office's current severe weather warnings for the UK.

The new additions to the map make this the best Google Maps mashup to view the weather in the UK and has led Mapperz to ask if it is "the best UK Google Maps API mashup ever?"

Via: Mapperz



Anonymous said...

It is very slow at doing anything -= would be great if it was faster to update

Anonymous said...

Appears to have tile loading probs....If this gets sorted it'll be an excellent app