Saturday, July 25, 2009

Israeli Property Search on Google Maps


Israeli property search website KanGarim uses Google Maps to show the latest properties for sale and rent in the country.

KanGarim crawls the most popular property websites in Israel to ensure that they display only the latest property listings on the map. The map displays rental properties that have been advertised in the last four days and properties for sale that have been advertised in the last week.

At the moment KanGarim only displays a satellite view. This means that the user has to click on the map markers to find the address of the property. The site explains the lack of a street map view by saying that Google doesn't provide this service for Israel. However a street map view for Israel has been available since September of last year, so hopefully the site will get around to adding this option soon.



Anonymous said...

Google maps is available in Israel only inside Google's own domains.
It's not yet possible to embed the maps in external sites.

Keir Clarke said...

Sorry my mistake. I thought it was possible to add Israeli street maps with G_MAPMAKER_NORMAL_MAP but it appears not.