Monday, July 27, 2009

Biking and Hiking Trails on Google Maps


Bikehike uses Google Maps to help users create biking and hiking routes. The site will work anywhere in the world but because the site can use Google Maps alongside UK Ordnance Survey maps it works particularly well in the United Kingdom.

Creating a route is very easy and involves just placing a series of map markers along your chosen route. If you want to follow roads then you can select the 'follow road' option and your route will snap to the nearest roads. In the UK, however, you can also plot your route on an Ordnance Survey map, which means you can trace a route on the byways, bridleways and public footpaths that Google Maps doesn't show.

When you have completed tracing your route Bikehike will calculate the elevation profile of your route. The elevation profile is fully interactive with the Google Map, so if you click on the elevation graph you can see the corresponding route point on the map. It is also possible to toggle between an elevation and gradient view.

Routes that you create can be saved and shared with others. You can also search the site for routes created by others. Routes can be uploaded and downloaded from GPS units (GPX, TCX and TRL formats) or to a Garmin GPS unit using the Garmin Communicator plugin.


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