Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Create Your Own Street View


RealPlaces is a web site where anyone can create their own Street View like mapping experience. With RealPlaces it is possible to create and share panoramic walk-throughs for any location in the world.

Unlike Street View RealPlaces works from still images, not from VR panoramas. The walk-throughs that are created are therefore sort of like low-tech versions of Street View. Users take a number of photographs at a given point to capture a 360 degree view and the photographs are then stitched together and placed on a Google Map. Once a number of points are created around one area RealPlaces can then create a walk-through for the location.

This low-tech approach has the huge advantage that anyone with a camera can create a walk-through and post it on RealPlaces. The site's stated goal is to "create a first-person navigable version of the real world." Because the walk-throughs are so easy to create RealPlaces has every chance of achieving this aim.


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Anonymous said...

Wow nice find. Realplaces seems like a really cool idea. Yeah it always annoyed me that Street view never takes you to beautiful places where you want to see. A 20$ camera can achieve what a 50000$ fancy car can. Brilliant!!!