Friday, July 24, 2009

Now Street View Almost is Photosynth

When Google Maps released the new Street View navigation tools back in early June, with tongue firmly in cheek, I used the headline 'Street View Goes Photosynth' to introduce the new features. Well today Street View took another step closer to becoming a 'Photosynth' type experience.

In effect Google Maps has today married the 'user-contributed photos' option in Street View with the new navigation tools to create something very similar to navigating in Photosynth.

Check out the video below to see what I mean:

Since their introduction I've really liked the new navigation tools in Street View. Now I like them even more! To demonstrate my love I've put together a quick hacked version of a Street View with user photos of the Eiffel Tower (may not work in Internet Explorer).

Via: Google LatLong: Zoom photo navigation in Street View


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barryhunter said...

If you follow a link to the photo on Panoramio site itself, example:

you can click 'Look around' which is even closer to Photosynth!

It appears that the version in Street View is limited to photos very near the location of the actual location - you can explore more photos of the location via LookAround.