Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Google Maps Favorite Places

Favorite Places

Do you want to know where Tony Hawks like to go heli-skiing, or where Jean-Michel Cousteau likes to dive? If so then this new collection of Google My Maps is for you.

Today Google released a collection of favourite places around the world chosen by local celebrity experts. The Favorite Places site features a Google Map with locations chosen by each of the celebrities. Using the map it is possible to find out where the celebrities like to go, and why, from their own perspectives.

Clicking on a celebrity loads their collection of locations onto the map. It is also possible to search by location. For example, if you click on New York, all the New York favourite places from all the celebrities are loaded onto the map.

Searching by location also loads a new collection of local experts into the map sidebar. The map is therefore a great way to explore cities around the world with the advice of people who know about the city and are experts in their field.

Here's the official introductory video:

Some of the map markers appearing in the Favorite Places map are also appearing in the real world. In San Francisco a few large map markers have appeared at various locations in the city with plaques naming who chose that location as one of their favorite places on Google Maps.

Flickr user Jeremy Franklin took these photos of the marker and plaque at the Blue Bottle Cafe in San Francisco.

The plaque says 'Alice Waters has chosen the Blue Bottle Cafe as one her favorite places in San Francisco. Visit to see more. Google maps Summer 2009.'

Via: Google LatLong


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