Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Google Map of the Best Places to Live

CNN Money Best Places to Live 2009

According to CNN the best place to live in America is Louisville, Colorado. CNN particularly likes Louisville's dry, clear weather, low crime rate, good health care and low taxes. CNN have compiled a comparison table of the top ten cities, so you can check the facts out for yourself. It is also possible to view a list of the top 100 in order of ranking.

What we really want, however, is a map view! Luckily there are quite a few of them. CNN have produced a Google Map of the top ten cities, a map of the top 100 and maps for each of the states.

Maps are a great way for CNN to visually present this data. Using the maps the site's readers are quickly able to see where the cities are located and which cities are closest to where they live. I just feel CNN have missed a trick by not using numbered map markers so that we can see the ranking of the cities directly on the map.


You have to love the internet. Ask for something and it is done. No, CNN haven't updated their maps but Mibazaar has used the same data to create his own map mashup of the best places to live. And guess what, he has numbered the markers to reflect the ranking order of cities.


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