Saturday, July 11, 2009

This Google Map is Not Safe for Work


I have to apologise in advance for the unacceptably puerile nature of this Google Maps Mashup. This map geo-tags some of the more risqué place names around the world.

The map animates Twittervision style through a hundred of the rudest named places in the world. The map includes 'stop' and 'play' buttons, so if you are intrigued by the name of the location you can pause the map and have a closer look.

If you are interested in the etymology of some of the more imaginatively named locations in the world then this Wikipedia entry (which was the Wikipedia front page article yesterday) explains the history of one once popular road name in the UK.

Danish NSFW Map
Søren Johannessen of has quickly put together a Danish version of the NSFW Map. The format of the map is exactly the same as mine, except it is Danish.

Søren warns that the map is only funny if you speak Danish! Conversely, if you can't speak Danish, this map is very Safe for Work.


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