Monday, July 20, 2009

Mmm... Cake on a Google Map

Cake Delivery Map

Pink Cake Box, based in Denville NJ, are often asked by potential clients where they deliver to. To help customers find the answer to this question they have developed a Google Map showing several of the different venues that they have delivered cakes to in the past.

The Pink Cake Box think that Google Maps is such a good vehicle for displaying a business' product that they have also published a tutorial. The tutorial explains how they created a WordPress plugin that automatically pulls data from their existing blog posts.

The plugin allows the Pink Cake Box to add a latitude/longitude and venue to a post. The plugin then automatically extracts additional information from the post and displays it on the Pink Cake Box's Cake Delivery Map. The plugin also has an added functionality to create links directly to a specific item on the map. So a link in a blog post can take readers directly to that entry on Google Maps.


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