Friday, July 17, 2009

US Google Maps Mashup Round-Up (7/09)

Newspaper Circulation Statistics

Mediaspace Solutions have produced this Google Maps mashup to display the daily circulation figures of US newspapers. For each newspaper it is possible to get the daily and Sunday circulation figures. Each information window also shows the number of unique visitors, daily visitors and page views of each newspaper's website.

It is possible to search the map by city, newspaper name or newspaper group.

Create Your Own Store Locator

This amazing Google Maps creation tool allows any store or business to create their own store locator map, complete with driving directions. The created maps allow users to find the closest store locations by simply entering their ZIP Code. The Store Locator will return the nearest locations on a customisable Google Map.

Maine Lobster Shacks
Brewster House, a Bed and Breakfast in Maine, has produced this Google Maps mashup of Lobster Shacks in the State. The map is an embedded Google My Map and a great example of how small businesses can use My Maps to provide added value to their customers.

Addizon Zoning Map

This zoning and ordinances map for Addison, Texas allows the user to check zoning ordinances in the town all the way back to 1966. It is also possible to turn on coloured zoning overlays.

Every business needs to decide where to locate. ZoomProspector finds the right location to enable companies to grow and succeed. At the heart of the ZoomProspector interface is a Google Map mashup.

Here is an introductory video:

Healthy Pet Mobile Vet Service
This Google Map uses coloured polygon overlays to show the cost of a vet call out. The site covers Frederick, Montgomery, Howard, & Carroll Counties, Maryland and has limited coverage in Washington, Baltimore, & Anne Arundel Counties, Maryland.

It is possible to search the map by address and the coloured overlays represent the different costs of vet call out.

Via: Mapperz

Dadillio is a classified ads website that uses the Google Maps API to show the location of garage sales, antique markets and other events advertised on the site.


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