Friday, July 03, 2009

Find Yuppies and Cougars on Google Maps

TownMe Yuppie Locator

Do you want to find yourself a sugar daddy? Thanks to the Yuppie Locator you now can.

TownMe have used U.S. Census data to rank U.S. neighborhoods based on certain funny factors (e.g. Yuppies, Cougars, Starving Students). Using the Yuppie Locator it is possible to generate Google Maps showing you where all the yuppies, cougars, sugar daddies etc. live in your town.

Using the Yuppie Locator you can pick a city and see which areas in that city are populated with the TownMe factors.

Here's an example for Yuppies in San Francisco:

Or, one for Cougars in Manhattan:

In addition to ranking the neighborhoods, TownMe also give the city an overall index on a scale of 0-100 for a given factor. If you click the 'read more' link, TownMe describes and defines exactly which pieces of census info were used to calculate the index.


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