Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bart Trip Planner with Bike Directions

The Bay Area Rapid Transit System have released a new Trip Planner and Station Finder system that both use Google Maps.

Find Closest Station

The Station Finder application allows users to find the nearest BART station and get directions to it. To use the application users just need to enter an address and a BART station. The application will then return walking, driving or cycling directions to the station.

BART QuickPlanner

The BART QuickPlanner allows passengers to plan their route from door-to-door.

To get directions and a schedule passengers just need to enter a starting address and a destination and indicate the time of their proposed journey. The results are then returned in three parts: directions to the departing station, BART trip details and then directions from the arrival station. As with the Station Finder passengers can get directions for walking, car or cycling.

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