Friday, August 06, 2010

Google Map of the Week

Athens Historical Buildings

If you are visiting somewhere like Athens, Greece one of your priorities would surely be to view some of the city's historical buildings. Using the historical monuments database from EIE (Archaeology of the City of Athens) Phil Stubbings has created this Google Map showing the location of interesting architecture in Athens.

The map includes a slider navigation control that allows you to refine the buildings shown on the map by date range. So, for example, you could choose just to view buildings erected in the city in the 16th century. The map also has a good search function that lets you search for architectural styles, for example 'neoclassical'.

As well as finding the location of historically important buildings in the city you can also overlay an historical map of the city from 1890.

I really like this map. In fact it has just sneaked in at the last minute to claim the crown for 'map of the week'.



Kyle said...

0 comments on all these fun Google Earth style gadgets such as the My Worlds platform?

Not even a thank you post to the author?

You've GOT to be kidding me!

entropy said...

Thanks for the post Keir,

I have a small blog post related to the map here:

Incase you are interested, I got the 1890 map of Athens from here:

(Lots of interesting maps on there)

I'm planning on improving the map -would be nice to include images of the monuments and buildings.

Am also planning to use tyles for the map overlay, something like this: (it's a huge image so may take time to load)


entropy said...

s/tyles/tiles :)

entropy said...

..Made this at the weekend to estimate the cost of taxi trips in Athens -

Blog post