Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Australian Elections on Google Maps

Australian Federal Election

Following yesterday's post about Brazilian Election Maps Arek of All Things Spatial got in touch to inform me that Google have also produced a Google Map for this year's Australian federal election.

Users of the map can explore their federal electorate on a map, see who holds power, and by how much. Closer to the election users will also be able to use the map to find their closest polling booth.

As well as the Google Map there are also links to election search trends, a Vibewire Youth Media and YouTube special to bring fresh video reporting at the Australian federal election and Student Voice 2010. Student Voice 2010 is a project to let children have their own Australian election.

If you are so inclined you can also check out the 2007 Australian Federal Election Map.



RunetWatch said...

Offtopic: take a look at - it's ushahidi-based and puts on a map volunteers, victims of wildfires in Russia. Thanks

Keir Clarke said...

Thanks. I wonder how new that is. I think Yandex have just released a real-time map of fires in Russia.

I wonder who was first.