Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Russian Widfire Tracking Maps

At the time of writing 48 people are reported to have died and seven regions are under a state of emergency as a result of the wildfires raging in Russia. In response to the crisis a number of maps attempting to track the fires have been created.

Russian-Fires are using the Ushahidi map reporting system to help provide a Google Map showing the fires. Users can inform Russian-Fires about other incidents by e-mail or via Twitter.

The map shows the location of fires and blocked roads. Along the bottom of the map is a time-line so you can change the dates to view data for different periods of time. Fires on the map are also listed in chronological order under the map.

Andrei's Blog
has been doing a good job reporting on other online maps tracking the Russian fires. Russian website Yandex has its own Fire Map as does GeoMixer.


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Drew Kesler said...

I commend Google for always being one of the firsts to respond to environmental crisis like this. The map will definitely help track the extent of fire and give vital information to authorities. I am hoping that no other casualties will be reported...