Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Visualise Airport Delays with Google Maps

Flightstats - Airport Delays Map

Flightstats has featured a real time Flight Tracker Google Map on its website for a number years. It now also has a Google Maps based Airport Delays map.

The flight tracker works much the same as an in-flight tracker you'd see on-board an aircraft. To use the map you just need to enter a carrier flight number and departure date. The map will then display the flight's track on a Google Map with essential real-time information such as the flight status and scheduled arrival time.

Flightstats Airport Delays map gives you a quick overview of likely delays at major airports around the world. The airport markers on the map are colour-coded to indicate the severity of current delays. A green marker shows that the airport is running without major delays and a red marker with a black dot signals that the airport is experiencing excessive delays.

It is possible to click on any airport to get a more detailed view of current delays. It is also possible to view a weather radar overlay on the map (which I guess just might give you a clue as to why a particular airport is experiencing delays).



"Guppy" Honaker said...

I sure could have used this in my airport travels last weekend. It was a mess!

- David

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Drew Kesler said...

This is a helpful tool especially for professions that require a lot of traveling worldwide. Saves time and hopefully relieves a bit of frustration :)